Tuesday, January 6, 2009

First Food

Stella had her first food today, other than breast milk. I'm being aggressive about introducing her to new foods because I know that eating can be difficult for some blind children, and I'm hoping that having her experience a variety of tastes and textures from a young age will encourage her to enjoy eating.

I started with rice cereal - a typical first food for infants. I mixed it with breast milk and offered it to her from my finger. I held it to her lips and she stuck her little tongue out and licked the cereal. She must have enjoyed it because she grabbed my finger and pushed it into her mouth and sucked all the cereal off. It was so cute! Except for dipping my finger in the cereal for refills, I let Stella do everything else. She wanted more and more - her chin, cheeks, nose and fingers ended up covered in the stuff. Hopefully this is a good sign regarding her relationship with food and feeding.

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