Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Stella had a wonderful first Christmas. She had no idea what was going on of course, but she happily laid on the floor while the rest of us opened presents. She was eager to explore every new object we put next to her. She was a great little traveler - sleeping the entire way to and from Michigan, and she loved visiting with all the relatives and being passed around. In fact, she was spoiled - by the end of the trip she didn't want to be put down. I think she must have missed her play gym though, because the first time I put her under that when we were back home she got so excited.

Stella got some really neat presents:

- A handmade quilt with fabrics of different textures. It also has her name embroidered in braille and made out of detachable stuffed fabric.

- A vtech move & crawl ball

- A Baby Stella doll

- Lots of cute taggies stuff

- A Safe Sippy cup

- A Munchkin Mozart music cube (she loves banging on this)

- Various books, rattles, blankets and clothing

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Heather said...

If you're coming to MI again, and want to get together with some of the Bilateral families let us know, Janet, Sherry, Brandi and I are all friendly and up for meeting more parents. It really helps to meet others and see what their kids are doing, and how broad the scale of achievement is.
Happy New Year!
Heather BT