Friday, December 5, 2008

5 month well visit

We went to the pediatrician yesterday for Stella's well visit, and she was weighed and measured for the first time in 3 months. She is currently 14 pounds 2 ounces (25th percentile) and 24 inches long (10th percentile). As time passes she is getting smaller and smaller for her age. Hopefully this just means she is going to be petite (like many women in my family) and isn't a sign that something else is wrong. I'm choosing to think positively.

I actually like that she's so tiny. I just love little babies, so as long as she's healthy and thriving, I am fine with her staying little! It's much easier on my back and she still fits so nicely in my sling. It's just so odd for me because Sebastian was always so huge. When he was 6 weeks old he was bigger than she is now.

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