Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Stella laughed for the first time today - three deep hearty chuckles while I was changing her. For weeks she has smiled when something brushes her cheeks. Today that turned into laughter as I pulled clothes over her head. How darling. There are few sounds better than a baby's laughter.


revizmomma said...

a baby's laugh is like no other.... i'm so happy for you!

Mary Beth said...

Yea!!!! So glad you had that moment with her - one of many more!!!!
Mary Beth

Mary Teresa said...

Mom and Dad,

You are doing a marvelous job of explaining the "process" of Stella's progress. I am impressed by your objectivity and love, at the same time. She is so lucky to have you!

aimee wilmette said...

I have been wondering how little Stella has been doing so thank you for sharing this site with me! I think this is awesome and that you are doing such an awesome job! We can't wait to meet her!

Anonymous said...

Stella is adorable!! She reminds me so much of Ava at her age, conformers and all. You are enjoying her - that's all that matters. Once, after Ava was born and I was down in the dumps, a co-worker gave me this little card with a Shakespeare quote that said, "You shall see miracles." I have never let go of that card and now it is in Ava's baby book. Just wait - you won't believe what Stella will do!
Megan, mom to Ava, 3.5 years old with BA