Friday, June 5, 2009

Stella's Latest Therapy Device

Stella's TVI brought this over last week and it has been a huge hit! We have been having trouble motivating Stella to sit, but now that she can reach forward and find toys she likes, she is doing much better. She still can't sit up on her own, so I ended up buying her a little booster seat to use on the floor in front of it. She does pretty well, but when she gets tired she leans back against the back of the booster seat. Soon I will remove the back and see how she does. She will also twist to the sides to find things next to her on the floor to play with. Sometimes she leans back and plays with the toys with her feet too, which is pretty funny to watch. Overall, I'm pleased with the device and I wish I had gotten one sooner!

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Grandma Meg said...

Stella, I'm so happy you are enjoying your new toy.
Grandma Meg