Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Finally, Stella started physical therapy today! I got so fed up working with Early Intervention that I took it upon myself to find private therapy. For now I will pay for it and hopefully down the road we can get EI to pay! Grrrr.

Stella is working with Rita at Arlington Pediatric Therapy. I was so impressed with the facility. It's huge and they have so many therapy devices and rooms. Everyone, the staff and other families, was extremely nice and outgoing. It was a bit difficult for me to see so many kids with physical limitations. They also had a memorial wall filled with pictures of kids. For some reason I was deeply touched by all of this. I am so grateful for the people who choose to go into pediatric medicine/therapy. All the professionals I have met so far along this road have made things easier.

Stella liked Rita and was showing off during the session. Rita gave me a lot of good/new/different ideas of things to do with Stella, so hopefully we will see an improvement soon.

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