Tuesday, March 10, 2009

OT Evaluation

Today Julie came to evaluate Stella for occupational therapy. Some of the things an OT might work with Stella on are motor skills, self help skills such as feeding, oral motor skills, play skills and sensory processing skills.

The OT was very impressed with Stella's skills and found very little delay. The fact that Stella uses her hands very well, is already self-feeding a bit, and has no sensory issues is wonderful. Julie said it was evident that we have been working with Stella a lot. I give most of the credit to Marla, the TVI, who has taught me pretty much everything I do with Stella.

Julie agreed that for now it is important to focus on Stella's gross motor skills, like rolling and sitting. Yay! Go Stella! It's so nice to hear feedback that Stella is doing some things well, and that we are doing the right things to help her develop and grow.

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2D Girl said...

I know of many parents who have had access to good 'teachers' and professionals to help them learn how to help their children. It is not enough to have access to a good teacher; parents have to want to learn, be committed to applying what they learn at home, and be committed to their children's future well being. Please, please, please give yourself the credit for being a wonderful, caring, loving, wise, and committed parent.