Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Stella wears conformers which get changed every 1-2 weeks at this point. The purpose is to stretch the soft tissue and stimulate her sockets to grow. She was born with very small fissures (basically the eye lid opening) and we are hoping they will stretch to look more normal eventually.
Stella's conformers are pretty small right now, so they have a part that sticks out so that the ocularist (June Nichols) can more easily put them in and take them out. Unfortunately, they are not very pretty to look at and we do get odd looks from strangers sometimes. The hardest thing for me is the questions from kids though. I try to answer as openly and honestly as possible, I just don't want to scare the poor kids! Sebastian's friends are all 3-4 years old and I can tell they just don't get it. Sebastian still occasionally asks if Stella will be able to see when she is older. The good news about the conformers is that they are working really well and her sockets are growing quickly, so hopefully soon she will be able to wear something a little more attractive.

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